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BE A GHOST – welcome to Ghosty

With Ghosty a data protected and faster browsing experience is guaranteed. The Ghosty Tool offers you a lot of options to block annoying trackings and to control them.
You decide, who can have access to your data and what you want to block.

What does GHOSTY protect you from?

Many Websites use so called "trackers", which document and process your surfing behaviour further on several pages. The information gained from this is used for Cookies and help the website-providers showing you personalised ads and more. Already the foreign embedded elements of other providers can access your data and proceed with them. Ghosty protects you from these trackers. That's how surfing is eased and the uncontrolled passing of your data to third parties is prevented.

Ghosty behind a brickwall
Screenshots of the Extension

What can GHOSTY do?

Ghosty offers you a lot of advantages and optimizes your surf experience. Here you can get an overview of some of the most important functions.

Privacy-ghosty with sunglasses


Ghosty deactivates annoying extensions and cookies, which otherwise have access to your data. This is how your privacy is preserved and your data protected.

Easy-handling ghosty with remote Control

Easy Handling

A button on your browser bar lets you activate and deactivate Ghosty easily. The options offer you a good overview about your favourite functions.


Faster Browsing

Blocking the hidden loading processes and foreign-hosted-links shortens the loading time, so you can browse faster.

Personalized optimization-Ghosty

Personalized Optimization

Ghosty offers you a huge Collection of filter lists, which you can expand how much you want. A whitelist lets you add domains for example, that you can trust.

Why is GHOSTY important?

Tracker slow down many websites, unnecessarily burdening them and affecting your Data protection. So that you can surf again undisturbed and carefree, Ghosty finds these trackers and lets you decide for yourself who has access to your data.

Ghosty with a Lense